Sponsor Spotlight: Jennifer Maddrell, LLC

Dr. Jennifer Maddrell is an instructional designer and consultant based in Chicago. She provides instructional consulting, project support, and implementation services to schools, businesses, and government agencies.

An educational technology expert, Jennifer has used her Designed to Inspire blog to find common ground between the non-traditional ideas of connectivism, informal learning, and personal learning networks and the more traditional higher education and corporate training philosophies of education.

As a member of the EdTechWeekly cast, she regularly webcasts on current issues in educational technology, and her webcast is heard by more than 1,000 listeners each week.

Jennifer currently serves as the Assistant Editor of the Journal of Computing in Higher Education. Her other professional projects include a contract with the National Institute of Aerospace Associates to perform the instructional evaluations of both the 2010 – 2011 and 2011 – 2012 Real-World / In-World NASA Engineering Design Challenges. While living in New York, Jennifer had an appointment with Baruch College to design and facilitate courses within the school’s Corporate Training and Instructional Design program in the Division of Continuing and Professional Studies, which included the design and implementation of a customized training workshop with the Metropolitan Transit Authority.

Jennifer believes that we learn best from one another, and is happy to support EdCamp Cleveland as it brings teachers together to collaborate on common goals.

Jennifer Maddrell, LLC supported EdCamp Cleveland by donating $200 to defray expenses of the conference. This money primarily covered the cost of the cool EdCamp Cleveland gift presented to each participant. We are grateful for her support.

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