Participant Perspective: Melanie Broxterman

Melanie Broxterman
Intervention Specialist
Princeton City Schools, Cincinnati

Twitter: @teachwtechbrox
Classroom Blog:

Why are you coming to EdCamp Cleveland?

My first EdCamp experience was at EdCampCincy in the Fall of 2011. It was a great experience. Initially, I went out of curiosity to see what EdCamp was all about due to all the talk of EdCamps on Twitter. I was pleasantly surprised. I love the idea that it is participant-lead and that you are free to move through sessions if it isn’t meeting your needs.

If you could attend a session on any topic, what would it be about?

I would like to know more about using Moodle as a CMS. I am also interested in discussing positives/negatives to developing blended learning opportunities as well as any resources about using blending learning with students with disabilities.

If you could change the world…

I would like to see schools become more familiar with and using the principles of Universal Design for Learning. As a special education teacher, there are so many ways that lessons can be “tweaked” to provide opportunities for ALL students, but often those ways are not understood by all educators or are thought of as “unfair”.

The ideal Classroom is…

My ideal classroom would provide learning opportunities that connect students with the world. I often think students have to focus so much on what is local, that they don’t realize that there are children learning the same things all over the world. The classroom would provide a supportive learning environment for all students. All abilities brought into the classroom would be supported and all students would be challenged to achieve their fullest potential.

One More Thing…

I am traveling to Cleveland from Cincinnati to attend this EdCamp. Several people have asked me why. I am making the 4 hour trip for two main reasons. #1 – I loving learning and networking with other educators (and who could pass up a free PD day).

#2 – I wanted to support my #eduBestie Morgan. In an often solitary field of special education, we have been able to connect and share our experiences via social media. I think that this connectedness is important in education and I hope others can see how beneficial it can be!

Participant Perspectives highlight some of the people who are planning to attend EdCamp Cleveland. If you would like to be profiled too, please fill out this form and we’ll take it from there.

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