Announcing #EdCampCLE 2017

Today marks the official announcement of #EdCampCLE 2017! This year the event will be bigger than ever, connecting educators and administrators from across Ohio.  The event will be on Saturday, March 18th, 2017 at Avon Middle School located at 3445 Long Road in Avon.

EdCamp takes the best parts of the conference — the spaces between the scheduled sessions — and makes that the whole conference.  Join educators from all over Ohio for a FREE participant-driven day focused on YOUR needs.

Join us at #EdCampCLE and rejuvenate your passion for teaching.  Take away some great ideas and finish the year with a bang!  Take a risk, mix things up, and make your students remember what it means to own their learning.

Not only is EdCampCLE a FREE day of collaboration and learning; we will provide a light breakfast during registration (7:30 – 8:30) as well as lunch.  We’ll even give away prizes throughout the day!  Talk to educators just like you, get great ideas, and add to your professional arsenal.


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